My annual wrap up


First of all, I didn’t do a 2019 wrap up, but a highlight of that would have been that I got a dog, wrote a short film about startups, and started working at Perkbox Australia.

Otherwise, January wasn’t too busy.


At the beginning of Feb, I MC’d Pause Fest for the second time, and then I’m so incredibly grateful that I had the chance to go to Japan.

I went to see Perfume’s best of concert, and the week we got back from Japan was when covid-19 hit Australia and international flights started closing, so the timing was extremely lucky.


Sydney went into lockdown in March, and Perkbox moved to 100% working from home. The adjustment period was quite difficult, and I was one of the many people who found themselves starting earlier and working later each day.

I started a bunch of personal projects during this time as well, from photography zines which I mailed out to friends, to a murder myster game (more on that in a second), and like everyone else in the world, taking lots of walks.


In April I published my Murder Mystery Game for Zoom, which was just incredible. It had over 3,000 upvotes on reddit, hit 100k views, and I had people from all over the world emailing me to say they had played the game. It was covered in Australian media, including Pedestrian, MTV, and was printed in The Australian.

I actually played the game with friends for my birthday, and getting it out really helped me mentally sort through all the things I was feeling/thinking.

The game is by far a highlight of the year — if you google my name the autocomplete now adds “game” to it.

On the day job front, in April I did a huge amount of work responding to the pandemic and navigating that fiasco, but our response was well received and we had a great month in terms of the numbers we were hitting.


Lots of super long walks and taking my dog on the ferry to distant places. It was actually a great time to do so because 1. the ferries in Sydney are dog friendly and 2. no one was using them so social distancing was super easy.


After a long weekend, the Perkbox team actually went back to the office one to two days a week as Sydney came out of lockdown. We weren’t working from home for very long, and for that I’m really grateful as many people had it much worse off.

I took a trip with some friends to Nelson Bay, again very grateful that we were allowed to travel within the state.

I experimented with long cooking videos.


I was interviewed by Elissa Hill about my work and art, read that here. I also did more domestic travelling, this time to Cowra, Bathurst, and the Blue Mountains.

Despite being back in the office part time, I think June/July was the hardest time of the year for me, mentally. The buildup of working more than I needed to, the stress of the pandemic, and having finished up all the creative things I was doing to keep myself busy really got to me.


I was interviewed again, this time by Balancing the Grind about my routine and work-life balance.

I started making baskets from little weaving kits at Daiso and got really hooked on it. I think this is an artform I’ll continue into 2021 and beyond. It’s surprising but there’s something really nice about doing a repetitive action that you can watch build into something much bigger right before your eyes. I imagine knitting and crochet has a similar effect.

I launched my substack weekly newsletter, Mehdeeka, which is really more focused on my day job and marketing for tech and B2B businesses. It’s currently on break but will be back in mid-late Jan.


I went to an art exhibit for the first time all year. If you ever read my museum visit blogs, you’d know how much of an influence art and museums are to me, so going to one after so long was incredible. Due to Melbourne being in lockdown, the Van Gogh Alive exhibition came to Sydney, and we visited with masks and strict social distancing guidelines.


The weather started picking up in Sydney, and early season beach trips (where safe) became a new way to keep busy and visit new places.

The biggest news from October is that my role at Perkbox evolved from generalist marketing manager doing everything, to having three key focuses — bottom of funnel marketing, customer engagement marketing, and recycling leads.


November was an extremely busy period in terms of work. Lots of things were happening and I was working on huge projects, so I don’t have a lot to reflect on!

I was featured in Reddit’s 2020 wrap up (with a picture of toilet paper 19 seconds in, no less), and in Medium’s wrap up too! Thank you to both platforms for that!

For what was a crazy year, looking back on it, I did a lot. I achieved a lot. I made progress personally and professionally and I’m proud of everything I did.

It’s now December, and I’ve wrapped up at work for the year. I have plans to visit my sister for Christmas, and that’s really it. I’m going to relax until I’m back at work next year!

@mehdeeka writing about marketing, art + tech, and feminism.

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