We made it to the front page!

Reacting to Interracial Hate Comments

I’m European-Australian, my boyfriend is Chinese. We were featured in an ABC article about interracial relationships. Here are my responses to the racist and ignorant comments from the Facebook post.

This is actually my favourite, thank you so much for this gem. We now have a new inside joke that I can’t shower or I might become right wing.

“I’m not a racist, but

I honestly didn’t know so many people hated the ABC, I actually have learned something new from these comments. For my readers outside Australia, ABC is like our NPR — a government funded broadcaster which is neutral and very news based. They also make educational children’s TV.

It’s just good manners to post your source, come on now.

My full name is in the article, you could literally fact check this yourself. I am the only person in the entire world with my name and ALL of my social media has my name on it. I AM SO EASY TO STALK AND YET YOU DIDN’T EVEN TRY?!

Having a cunt for a parent is even harder.

One experience =/= all experiences.

I don’t get where the adopted brother part comes in because, I mean technically, there’s nothing wrong with dating an adopted sibling? Cheers to the lovely lady who piped up for us.

Technically, he’s not wrong. You do have to be in it to win it!

You have an unfortunate opinion.

If you represent the selection of “Australian” men, then yes, we are without choice and must look elsewhere.

This lady I actually feel bad for. Do you need therapy? Is your daughter ok? You’ll find someone to love again, don’t be bitter.

So much ABC hate???? At least they are correct that their taxes did pay for this article.

My boyfriend’s favourite

The above two should do a debate on Question Time!

Some of them, like the above, don’t make much sense. What’s a gooback?

*I have since learned that a gooback is an illegal immigrant. It’s a South Park reference.

First we made interracial marriage legal, and now the gays can too, WHAT’S NEXT? BEASTIALITY? THIS IS A GATEWAY MARRIAGE, SHEEPLE.

Oooooh, so close.

Close, but no cigar, almost fell for this one!

I’m not sure what the point is, but you shouldn’t call people names.

If you’re concerned about whether or not these comments made us upset, yes at first they did. I was frustrated at the connections people were drawing (so many leftist comments? So many accusations that we didn’t even exist and the whole story was fake) but we came to the realisation pretty quickly that the people who write these comments are very ignorant, and very sad individuals.

We now quote these comments to each other in jest, and we are otherwise all good.




@mehdeeka writing about marketing, art + tech, and feminism.

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Kayla Medica

Kayla Medica

@mehdeeka writing about marketing, art + tech, and feminism.

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