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A copywriter’s final draft checklist

Whether you’re on your final read over, or you’ve just word vomitted all over a blank google doc and you need to trim it down, ask yourself these questions.

In no particular order;

And because every copywriter has a different process, I asked around the copywriting/marketing community and crowd sourced some extras.

“Once I feel like I’m done editing a piece I will use the “read aloud” feature within MS Word. Definitely helps to have it read out loud by “someone” else — even if that’s a robot.” — Kelley Ann

“Who is my target audience and what do I want them to do?” — Nelle May

“Could my mum understand this and what would she feel?” — Anna Ball

“Check back against the brief” — Mary Mungo

“Am I speaking to one person?” — Claire Emerson

“Am I giving the reader a clear and compelling CTA? Is there any doubt at all what they should do next?” — Lyn Marler

“Would my copy make the target audience smile in some way?” — Samantha Hoilett

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