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@mehdeeka writing about marketing, art + tech, and feminism.

Mehdeeka is a SaaS/B2B focused weekly marketing newsletter, aimed at small teams or solo marketers.

Around October-ish of 2020 I launched Mehdeeka, started out of frustration that finding actionable marketing advice was too difficult, or not relevant enough. Lots of marketing publications focus on huge international brands, which as a local marketer with no budget and no team, I cannot replicate or implement the learnings from that brand.

So I thought I’d go search for the advice myself, and share it as I went. I had four goals in mind;

  1. Mehdeeka would focus on local Australian marketers and brands operating…

Cottage core date — photo by me

Just jumping straight into a list of date ideas with minimal bugets, no alcohol, and any time of the day.

  1. Walking dates
    So this became a thing during the pandemic but it’s actually super nice if you put a bit of effort into it. Take it as an opportunity to be a tourist in your own city, map out your favourite spots and then act as a tour guide to your date. If it goes well the second date can be the other person showing you their favourite spots! …

My annual wrap up


My dog! check out his insta

First of all, I didn’t do a 2019 wrap up, but a highlight of that would have been that I got a dog, wrote a short film about startups, and started working at Perkbox Australia.

Otherwise, January wasn’t too busy.


At the beginning of Feb, I MC’d Pause Fest for the second time, and then I’m so incredibly grateful that I had the chance to go to Japan.

I went to see Perfume’s best of concert, and the week we got back from Japan was when covid-19 hit Australia and international flights started closing, so the…

Photo by ASHLEY EDWARDS on Unsplash

Whether you’re on your final read over, or you’ve just word vomitted all over a blank google doc and you need to trim it down, ask yourself these questions.

In no particular order;

  1. Could it be shorter?
  2. Am I writing at a 9/10th grade level or below? (Yes is the correct answer here)
  3. Is this sentence/paragraph conveying valuable information?
  4. Am I thinking of the target audience while I write, or am I thinking of myself?
  5. Is this appropriately written and structured for the format?
  6. Is the point clearly and coherently made? Do the points connect to form a larger narrative?

Photo by Alessio Furlan on Unsplash

I’ve been in isolation for 27 days, and I just finished writing a murder mystery game to play with my friends on Zoom. In the week that the game has been live, I’ve had an incredible response to it, and with the feedback I’ve received I have updated the game to V2.

I’ve now also set up a Buy Me A Coffee account. If you played the game and enjoyed it, please consider donating a small amount for my work!

*V2 changes
1. The victim has an additional ghost ability
2. Clues have been updated in line with real events that have…

This is my actual Notion board!

Tracking my tasks on helped me find the optimum amount of work I could handle.

Way back in the last week of June this year (2019), my boss and I started talking about offloading some of my work to freelancers. To see how much time I was spending on different tasks, which would be best outsourced, and how much work the freelancer would have to do, I started tracking everything I was doing day to day.

That lead me to the system you see above, which I’ve kept doing ever since.

By tracking major tasks I do each day…

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash
  1. Always keep your level of taste higher than your level of ability
    I’ve heard that the reason most artists hate their own work is because their artistic tastes are higher than what they themselves are capable of making, so they’re constantly striving to increase their abilities. Whatever part of marketing you’re in, make sure you’re doing something to increase your level of taste. Go visit an art museum, read case studies, read interviews with masters of your craft.
  2. You don’t need to be able to do, but you need to be able to tell good from bad quality
    For example, you…

I’m a community manager. I put a chess board on my desk.

I recently started working full time as a community manager for an office building. The building has four major tenants that take up multiple floors each, and one floor with five tenants on it. The position was a new one, and the building wanted me to do a few things;

  1. encourage tenants to sign up to a portal website (the online community)
  2. make events and perks in the foyer (the offline community) increasing customer satisfaction

My very first hypothesis was if people like me, they will do small…

Hot Blood at White Rabbit Gallery

Reflections on the White Rabbit Gallery exhibition

White Rabbit’s newest opening is a thought provoking spectrum that spans all the way from pure disgust up to unadulterated delight and innocence. It’s one hell of a ride. It’s a three level gallery space, and so for the sake of brevity and sanity, I’ll be recounting my favourite works from the collection.

Reflections on the variety of exhibitions currently on offer at Firstdraft gallery.

I attended the Art Month East Sydney Precinct night of Firstdraft’s March selection of exhibitions. It’s an interesting space. The building itself is a former studio, but feels more like a community centre, and describes itself as Australia’s premiere space for emerging and experimental artists.

It’s definitely an experimental space. There were four main exhibitions and multiple scattered pieces throughout. While the four main rooms had information sheets to accompany them, the others did not and so unfortunately I’m unable to provide the credit I would like to…

Kayla Medica

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